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We understand your security needs considering your business, like no one else.

We build quality and trust

AES has been on the panel of almost all PSU's and is engaged in serving them all over southern & Western regions of India. The Company has a consistent record of growth and expansion with the fast increasing sales turnover over the last 20 years. AES has maintained its growth by offering its customers, innovative and quality products combined with superior customer service. AES has qualified & experienced team of engineers to look after the Marketing and R & D functions. Every individual component passes through stringent performance checks.


To exceed our clients’ specific and customized security needs by delivering the highest quality of professional security system based on trust and confidence.


To be the most professional physical security leader in the industry by exceeding our customers' expectations, while valuing each and every employee.




Customers' First - Always, without exception.

Innovation - Innovate across the whole organization.

Excellence - Setting and achieving high standards in the Electronical security community.

Integrity - Displaying the highest ethical and professional standards.

Honesty - Using truthful communications and trustworthy actions with our clients and partners.

Respect - Showing politeness and understanding for all with those we interact with.




Saving lives and property are of utmost importance to us. That’s what drives us to achieve excellence in every project we undertake. AES ensures safety and security to lives and property by using smart, integrated and customized Fire Detection Solutions, combined with advanced technology to ensure we give our clients’ only the very best.


Voice Alarm is increasingly important and recommended in the safe management of buildings in an emergency. A voice message informs occupants exactly what to do and guides them well in evacuating a premise thus avoiding panic. People respond more quickly to spoken messages and are more likely to take correct action in an emergency compared to when only sounders are used.


We understand the importance of installing the most effective alarm system for your property, be it your home or office space. The alarms offered by AES are of high quality and are applicable to virtually any size of systems. Their purpose is to keep unwanted people out and that’s exactly what they do and more. From Offices, Financial institutions to high security Bank installations, we use the very best in control panels. They are complemented by a full range of high-quality peripheral devices offering integrated flexible solutions. People using our systems are rest assured of the safety these systems present.


Access Control is of prime priority for any business or institution. We are aware of how important is the need to allow the free flow of authorised people whilst denying entry to intruders. By excluding trespassers and unwanted elements, access control helps prevent the loss of stock and personal possessions, increases employee safety and protects confidential information.


Protect your spaces with AES- CCTV security system. We are proud to say that our successful CCTV implementations have made us the security partner of choice by clients as diverse as IT/ITES, hospitals, box retail, banking enterprises, manufacturing, amenities and more. AES designs and installs a wide range of high performance, top quality solutions suitable for diverse requirements.


We meet expectations and more

Choose us...

  • Because we are ‘A’ grade certified from Maharashtra Fire Services
  • For our experience and productivity in electronic security. Your safety is our priority
  • We have well experienced staff and management
  • We are spread across the country, 10,000 installations have been done in offices in major cities
  • We are honoured to work in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
  • We believe in perfect servicing. We make your premise comfortable and safe
  • We provide efficient and prompt after sales service

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So we can service you better, we are spread across various states of the country.



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